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It's time to shake up your student recruitment strategy.

The world is on hold

COVID-19 may have thrown a spanner in the way of your traditional student recruitment strategies - but that's no reason to 'press pause'. Embrace a new digital-first strategy that can make a real difference to the way you attract talent.

Low attention spans

In a world of swipes and TikTok videos, just buying job & banner ads aren't going to help you hit those numbers. It's time to stand out and grab the attention of your target cohort.

ROI? What ROI?

Measuring your ROI is more difficult now than ever with students uncertain about their future. Proactively engaging with a younger cohort of students holds the key to building that talent pool.

Creating meaningful change

With diversity and inclusiveness taking the spotlight, it’s never been more critical to ensure that you are driving the right actions to impact positive change across your student recruitment. So, how do you engage with the ideal student cohorts to deliver the right message at the perfect time? Hint: We have a solution.
How Springpod can help.

Employer attraction campaigns.

Drive smarter attraction & engagement campaigns that underpin your brand. Team up for online work experience programmes that offer stand-out careers content crafted by our marketing team.
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Online recruitment events.

Partner with the team who was the first-to-market online recruitment and nurture events for student employers. With the expertise of creating over 2000 hours of student-focused content, we know how to design and deliver online events that are successful. So whether you're looking to collaborate for an online career fair, or organise a bespoke event, we can help.
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Stay engaged with talent pool nurture campaigns.

Use our opt-in feature to start building that all-important talent pool of future superstars. Engage with your talent pool using our bespoke nurture campaigns, and prime them for a career with your organisation through online work experience programmes.
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Recruitment campaigns designed to convert

No more creating campaigns based on 'just instinct'.  Make use of our precision student-targeting with 50+ data points to ensure your campaigns always hit the mark. Follow up with personalised headhunt messages to convert the right prospects.
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