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The logistics of travel

While students may move across the country for university, it's a whole different situation when they're in the consideration phase. And the reality is that it can be a challenge to get them to visit before they enrol. So is there a more efficient solution? (Hint: There is - ask us!)

The cost factor

Let's face it - university is a big cost for students and their families. We know that the benefits of going to uni outweigh the expense - but the truth is that the students may just not be able to visualise that ROI. We can work with you to show them all the positives and help them make more informed decisions. Like enrolling at your institution.

Inclusivity is here to stay

Accessibility and inclusiveness are key elements of a modern university experience. In fact, most of you probably already have inclusivity policies in place. And step one of this means making your institution accessible for every young person. Our solutions can help you succeed in your mission.

Widening participation targets

Like everyone in the higher education sector, we are keen to help tackle the discrepancies in the take-up of higher education across social groups. Our diverse student network gives you access to young people from under-represented groups.
How Springpod can help.

Smart campaigns to complement your brand

We know young people and understand their pain points. Our dedicated teams can craft ideal brand-led campaigns that engage with your target audience and convert them from prospects to future students.
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Interactive virtual open days

We pride ourselves on delivering online open days that are on par with traditional ones - with the added bonus of reaching a wider audience. So from domestic student recruitment to international student engagement, we’ve got you covered.
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Targeted course campaigns

Put your academic courses in the limelight with our specialised course application campaigns. Zero in on those brilliant prospects using our early engagement tools and run nurture campaigns that show them where their degree could take them.
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