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Take advantage of our specialised FE solutions that engage and convert prospective students. We're confident that you'll be sitting back relaxed as that all-important admissions funnel overflows with quality leads.
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You'll be in good company.

A powerful combination of content & industry-leading technology, is why FE colleges partner with Springpod.

It's time to shake up your student attraction strategy.

Strong competition from others

We get it - students are stretching their academic journeys more than ever, which means you have to stand out from the competition to be noticed. In fact, our recent COVID-19 Crisis flash survey said that students were evenly split between apprenticeships and universities. We can help your institution shine brighter.

The way we communicate is evolving

Gen Z and beyond are constantly reinventing the way they communicate with each other, as well as with brands they want to engage with. They're visual multitaskers who want authentic stories. So it's a great time to make your alumni your ambassadors.

The audience is everywhere

Let's face it - the traditional recruitment cycles are no longer ideal. It's all about sending the right message at the right time to the right people - and that means you have to think long term. We recommend marketing to multiple audiences at the same time - it's kind of a speciality of ours.

Students want clearer career pathways

With more students choosing the academic route, competition is intense for job roles after education. And with the uncertainties of a post-COVID-19 world still lurking about, our survey discovered that over 85% were considering alternative routes of education - and up to 30% shifting their education plans altogether.
How Springpod can help.

Brand Awareness Reimagined

Give your brand the spotlight it deserves with our smart campaign tools. We understand your audience, and together we can craft solutions that bring impressive results.
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Online Open Days

Draw on our expertise of delivering virtual open days that complement the real open day experience - without the added stress of management. From collaborative events to bespoke ones, we can offer your prospective students a seamless open day experience that will make them want to be a part of your institution.
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Course Application Campaigns

Target those brilliant prospects through early engagement and nurture them to apply for your courses. Partner up with our specialist student marketing team to build creative campaigns and see those applications fly into your recruitment inbox.
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