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Plymouth College of Art uses Springpod’s Online Open Days to obtain high-quality prospective student leads.
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Plymouth College of Art is a leading art school with over 150 years of heritage. Proudly run by ‘artists and designers’ for ‘artists and designers’, it is a dynamic, cross-disciplinary community of makers and thinkers who are keen to make a difference in the world of art and design. They offer a wide range of courses and qualifications for artists and designers, from fashion to photography and are widely recognised as one of the premier institutions working to include creative arts in mainstream education in the UK.


Plan and deliver an interactive virtual open day experience and get pre-qualified leads from the right prospective students

Open days play a crucial role in helping prospective students understand more about the course or college they’re considering. Plymouth College of Art has always prided itself on organising interactive open days events where students have the chance to find out more about the courses, opportunities to talk to their friendly staff and even meet with student ambassadors. 

However, due to COVID-19, like many other educational institutions, Plymouth College of Art decided to look at digital alternatives for their already planned open days. However, they were also keen to utilise the digital drop-in days to pre-qualify their leads, to ensure the quality of the prospective students.


A forced change to the traditional approach due to COVID-19

With most people unable to travel across the country, and the prevalent social distancing rules, Plymouth College of Art knew that it would be difficult to organise a traditional open day.

The ‘new normal’ of digital webinars felt overwhelming
Although Plymouth College of Art had previously hosted single virtual events, they had limited experience of organising multiple and simultaneous events that would be synonymous with the quality of their traditional open day events.

Reaching the right audience remotely
Getting access to the right target audience, in this case, 17-18-year-old prospective students who have previously shown an interest in an art or design career, was a challenge because of limited access to schools.

Lack of a robust and secure webinar platform
Despite the increased availability of webinar platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, Plymouth College of Art was not confident about the quality of some of these tools in achieving the desired professional-level of their virtual open days.

How did Springpod help?

Plymouth College of Art was impressed with the speed of setup and quality that Springpod’s Online Open Days offered them, as well as the team’s ability to simultaneously deliver multiple webinars. The fully-managed solution also offered more focus on speaker management, promotional activities as well as end-to-end registration for attendees. This meant that the team at Plymouth College of Art did not need to worry about managing the technical aspects of executing this large project.

Complete end-to-end management of an interactive virtual open day solution that put  the Plymouth College of Art brand front and centre

Simplified registration and attendee-tracking process:
With the registration process completely managed by Springpod’s dedicated team, every attendee was guaranteed a smooth transition from initial registration to the live talks. The team also set up an interactive schedule builder which gave every attendee more information about the sessions, as well as recommended talks based on their previous selections, thereby making it a more intuitive experience for the attendee. Periodic automatic reminders were set up for the attendees, along with on-demand replay links post the event. The Plymouth College of Art teams were also provided with detailed data and analytics throughout the duration of the events.

Plymouth College of Art microsite:
Working with the team at Plymouth College of Art, Springpod’s in-house marketing team designed and delivered a co-branded microsite (insert website address). Along with PCoA branded content, campus and application links and embedded virtual tours, the microsite also had integration with Unibuddy to facilitate real-time access for attendees.

End-to-end project management
The team at Plymouth College of Art chose to take advantage of the complete managed service option by Springpod. This meant that a dedicated team took charge of managing every aspect of the project from setting up bespoke webinar rooms, training guest speakers on the platform as well as ensuring the availability of dedicated personnel for technical support.

Event promotion across the Springpod network:
Plymouth College of Art were keen to engage with students aged 17-to-18-years old who had an active interest in pursuing an Art or Design career path. By utilising Springpod’s growing network of students across 3000 schools, coupled with the managed registration process which ensured key data points such as date of birth, level and year of study and course interest were collected, the event was able to target the right cohort of students, which subsequently led to high-quality, qualified leads. The Springpod marketing team also ran a focussed awareness campaign through their Learn Lounge initiative with a PCoA alumnus, which generated further interest.

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